Welcome to the home of Kathleen Mosko!


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  Three and a half years ago with little else but anger in me I made the decision to move from a dying area of the country to Las Vegas to finally find out American dream.  I found true the statement that “Home is where you hang your hat.” I don’t feel any less a person or any draw to return to whence I came, but I do think fondly of some of the memories of my childhood where the town was simple and unhurried.  It could very well be any town in any mid-western state.

  But that’s all it is…a memory to be cherished in the corners of my heart and mind where no one can take it from me. So much of my life has been worrying about loss, and things unstable, I had little time to really plan for a life of certainty. I think I’m to that point now. As I write the blog I will discover where I want to go by looking at my past and the circumstances of the present to guide me to my future.

   You’re welcome to come along with me on that journey.